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Education Idea

Message from the Principal

Education based on love will bring strength in the future
“Character formation based on the spirit of Christianity and insuring future careers through improved academic ability.”
“You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.”
(New Testament/Matthew 5:13-14)
The educational goals of our school are expressed in these Biblical sentences. We would like to educate our students so that they become warm-hearted individuals who work for the benefit of others, people who play major roles in society and bring hope to those around them, people who, by living sincerely and improving themselves, eventually become indispensable to their country, and indeed the world.

‘Education of the Heart’at our school focuses on discipline and ‘the proper way to live.’ All students are encouraged to seek their own career path, to nurture their own dreams and goals for the future, and to spare no effort in developing a strong will. Through academic guidance, we take every possible and effective measure to improve the academic performance of each student, so that they can achieve their career dreams. We try to respond to the needs and desires of both students and their parents, to improve every possible aspect of each individual, and to clearly explain and deal with any problem areas. We have implemented a proficiency-oriented curriculum at our junior high school, and have set up 5 courses at our senior high school so that students can attain higher levels of academic achievement in their respective fields. Moreover, we organize overseas study trips to countries such as Australia and New Zealand, which are designed to help cultivate broad-minded individuals with an international perspective.

As a result of these various activities, the ratio of our students going on to excellent higher educational institutions is rising by leaps and bounds. Our teaching staff works closely with both parents and students, and the academy is enjoying success in a wide variety of areas.

KOUSEN is a fountain of education from which spring forth unique individuals who have nurtured the skills, vision and discipline to make a difference in society. We are dedicated to gathering and developing students with great hopes and dreams, students who will truly become the future leaders of our world.